Services we offer

Tree Removal

When a problem with a tree cannot be solved by pruning techniques or other means, removal may be necessary. In the event it needs to be removed, the professional team at JW Tree Services will dismantle it efficiently.

Tree Pruning

Pruning may be necessary to maintain a tree in a safe condition, to remove dead branches, to promote growth, to regulate size and shape or to simply improve the quality of flowers.

hedge Trimming

Hedges are the classic way to give an outdoor area a touch of class. A beautifully trimmed hedge is the perfect finishing touch to a delightful garden. Hedges provide valuable privacy and can protect your garden from the elements.

Crown Thinning

Our crown thinning service carefully removes select branches to improve tree health and enhance your landscape. This process increases light penetration, curbs disease risks, and strengthens your trees against wind damage. With our expert team, your trees will be healthier, your views clearer, and your property more beautiful.

Crown Lifting / Raising

Our crown lifting service carefully removes lower branches to increase clearance and maintain tree health. Avoiding large trunk-attached branches, we prevent potential decay, preserving your tree’s vitality and aesthetic appeal while enhancing space utilization.

Crown Reduction

Our crown reduction service prunes tree height and spread to optimize its environment and light conditions. We maintain the tree’s main framework, ensuring a smaller, but proportional outline, enhancing your landscape while prioritizing tree health.

Stump Grinding

Our stump grinding service eliminates tree stumps, mitigating termite risks and beautifying your garden. We facilitate new plantings with our efficient small and large grinders, suitable for tight spaces or larger stumps, ensuring your landscape is rejuvenated and visually pleasing.

Dead Wooding

Our dead wooding service enhances safety by removing dead or dying branches from mature trees, preventing potential fall-offs. This is especially important for trees near public spaces or houses. Besides boosting safety, our service improves a tree’s aesthetics, balance, and resistance to wind, promoting both beauty and health.

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We offer a leading arboricultural service to domestic and commercial clients across the Sydney metropolitan area.

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Whether you require an experienced tree surgeon for emergencies or a trained arborist that can keep your garden looking its best, we can help. We take pride in being able to give our clients an assurance of the highest level of quality, experience and technical expertise. We are a highly trained team offering a friendly and efficient service with impressive results across a wide range of jobs. These includes tree pruning, tree removal and hedge trimming.

We handle all aspects of the task – from diagnosing the problem, to finding the safest and most cost-effective solutions and carrying these out with the utmost care and respect for your property.

From decorative hedge trimming to stump grinding, our services help ensure that wooded outdoor spaces are not only attractive, but safe.

To find out how we can help you, and to book a tree surgeon in Sydney for your home or business, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Please note that council approval may be required before our work can take place.

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About us

JW Tree Services is a specialist Arboricultural Company which is owned and run by James Whiston, who has had over 20 years of experience in the tree service industry. He provides a professional tree service across the whole of metropolitan Sydney, carrying out all aspects of tree surgery, from small delicate pruning jobs to the dismantling and removal of large dangerous trees.